How This Works

In the gallery on the previous page, we have made available all the photos from your event or session. Click the back button in your browser to go back to it.

Viewing Photos

Click on any photo for a larger version.  From there, to go back to gallery view, click on the name of the gallery on the left below our logo.

Photo Selection and Grouping

If you click on the "Select Photos" button, you will be able to select multiple photos to add to different products that we have available (prints, digital file downloads, photo books, etc.). Once you have made a selection of photos, you can click the "Add to Favorites" button to save the selection.  You will then see in the top left corner of the screen, "Favorites: My Selection", where you can go to view those photos you have selected. You can create multiple sets here by hovering over it and clicking "Add new set". You can use multiple sets to manage different products.  For example, you may want certain photos for a group of 4x6 prints and another set of photos to create one of our beautiful photo books.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to come back and finish an order later, use the "Login" link at the very bottom of the right side of the window (you may have to scroll down).  This will allow you to register an account to save your session. If you don't register, we can't save your work. You'll need to register to make a purchase anyway, so now's as good a time as any. ;)

Favorites and Sets

Once you have some favorites selected, you can use the "Send to.." button to send groups of photos to friends and relatives to preview and/or purchase. This might be useful if you want to send them the photos of you together and family group shots from your wedding or event.


After selecting and grouping pictures you like, press the "Buy" link to select which product you would like.  
Once you select a product, you will have additional options. Some things to consider:
  • We have made artistic crops to many of the photos, but you can re-crop a photo before it is printed if you desire. However, please be aware that cropping to a very small area may reduce the quality of the photograph.
  • Framing is available on most sizes.  We recommend the "Non-Glare" glass and "Lustre" coating options for photos that will be displayed as we think they make for a better display, but all of the products from our lab are high-quality.
  • Paper Types:
    • E-Surface - This is the high-quality standard paper suitable for any photo.
    • Fuji Pearl - This option is for photos you think deserve just that little bit of extra je ne sais quoi.  Adds a subtle metallic sheen that really brings out color and details.
    • Black & White - A matte option for BW prints that avoids any hint of color. 
  • Photo books are an amazing upgrade from the standard photo album.  These are super-high quality, professionally-bound books with the ability to print right to the edge of the page. We make one every time we go on a major vacation.

NOTE: When trying to add products from photos, if you get prompted for the same item you just purchased (another photo book when you want an 8x10, for example), look for the blue "< Back" link in the top left to take you back to the "All Products" listing.

Purchases made through the site are eligible for 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If any photos or products are incorrect or damaged in the mail, we will work with our lab to get a replacement free of charge. However, please review all spelling, grammar, text positioning, orientation/manual cropping, and paper/finish options as the options chosen are what our lab will print.